Conrad and Hilary have already undertaken some of the most challenging expeditions in world. They have traversed Greenland (unsupported), skied to the South Pole and kite skied back (unsupported), North Pole (Conrad, unsupported) and Lake Baikal, Siberia (unsupported) to name a few. Together they have completed over 60 expeditions and have visited Norway in winter over 30 times.

They also use their considerable experience to help train and prepare individuals and groups who are looking to experience the Polar Regions.

This journey is about experiencing the wonderful nature, people and challenges that Norway has to offer. This expedition is the journey of a lifetime and they want to share this amazing experience with you.

Learn about the route

‘Norge på langs’ directly translates to ‘Norway Lengthwise’. This was first attempted in 1951, as a relay by the Norwegian Boy Scouts on its 40th Anniversary. It has since become one of the world’s great challenges and can be completed in winter or summer.

It is a vertical route starting from either Lindesnes in the South or Nordkapp in the North.

The route is approximately 2700kms and they aim to finish in 120 days. They will start on 5 Jan 2016.

You can follow their progress via their SPOT Tracker or read their blog which will be updated daily or weekly (dependent on their cellular coverage).