D-Day minus 1, 4 Jan 2016: Arrived in Norway!

We’ve arrived in Norway!

The flight Newcastle- Amsterdam -Norway went smoothly, but it is always an anxious time to know all your kit has arrived safely.

The security was interesting with all our electronics and batteries and we weren’t even questioned as to whether our matches were saftey matches.

Our heart sank when our bags didn’t arrive and a notice said the last bags off the flight had been processed! We smiled when another announcement said some extra large bags were on another belt…. They were ours!

The fantastic Norwegian people helped us with trolleys and trains and we arrived in Oslo centre without hassle.

A quick visit to the Fjallraven store and Conrad bought winter gas and special liquid fuel for the stove. Followed by a quick test of our tracker location beacon worked and our first position pinged on our website.

Tomorrow we go all day on a bus to get near our starting point,