D-Day minus 26, – 12 December 2015: Ironing Skis

Conrad Ironing Skis!

Yes, the annual novelty of Conrad doing the ironing comes around again!
Unfortunately, the ironing is not shirts and trousers. This ironing is done to melt glide wax into the base of the skies to help them glide better and not dry out. In the past I’ve used the household iron, which he didn’t always clean fully. So, I ended up with ski wax on my shirts! This was brought to a halt … And now I have my special ski wax iron.
The plan is then to use half skins (kicker) stuck onto the base of the ski, and also when skins are not used a special sticking wax to help the ski to “grip” on the new snow. Hilary and Conrad will carry different waxes for different snow temperatures. We will explain the waxing process more on the actual trip.
The expedition has also been officially launched! We have told one or two people about our website and we are delighted that we have so far raised over £2000 for the Northumberland Wildlife Trust… Twice our target!
Thank you to all who have contributed!