D-Day minus 37, 1st December 2015: Wheels on Sledges

Wheels on sledges

Yesterday, we had our wheels delivered from Snowsled. The design is amazing!
With a drill and some instructions I have attached the 4 wheels to each sled. This sorts an enormous problem, because for the first 6 days we are travelling on minor roads before we get to the mountains and the snow.

We will look vaguely ridiculous pulling sleds on wheels, but in all honesty, I think the Norwegians will be jealous of this great British design. Our previous idea was to use a second hand pram… Which would have looked even more ridiculous!

So, hats off to Snowsled. The only issue we have now is training with the sleds in the UK, and trying to avoid odd questions from passers by…. Maybe we will train in the dark!!!!

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