D-Day minus 46, 22 November 2015: Communal Gear

How can we reduce weight!

We have laid out the “communal kit” and it weighs 12 kilos, which we have to reduce.

One item were we have saved weight was the tent brush, which is used for getting snow off boots.. This was replaced by a stiff toothbrush!!!! Yes it will take longer, but it will still do the job.

Now we have a starting weight, every single item will be analysed and we will ask our selves “do we need this?”, and if so, can we reduce its weight!

On Friday I did a “yomp” with a 23 kilo rucksack and it was too heavy. It was fine when I was 27 years old, but not now. Hilary walked for 2 hours with a 19 kilo load and that is probably 2 kilos too much. Still, we feel that we are making good progress in terms of preparation.

We had a glorious day in the Lake District with the first snow yesterday and completed 6 Wainwrights and around 19 km.