D-Day minus 52, 16 Nov 2015: Food packing

Food packing takes for ever!!!

Hilary has spent the last 2 days packing food into day rations. The main part of our food is supplied by Extreme Adventure Food, who make tasty freeze dried meals. The basic part of our food is 800 calories breakfast meals and 2x 1000 calories evening meals which gives us 2800 calories.
This is supplemented by soup and for lunch, cheese, chocolate and nuts including hot chocolate drinks.

Overall this comes in at 4600. This is probably not quite enough, but weight is critical. We plan to pick up more along the way as we travel. We will carry 3 emergency days food, including what we require daily. The plan is to work on a “feast and famine” schedule… Minimum food carried and eat large meals whenever the opportunity occurs!

We plan to post some food parcels to some road junctions such as Nordli and Vektarstua. At day 94 we will be joined by Nigel and Dave who will also bring out extra food.
Whatever food we have I suspect we will end up skinny.