It's like Christmas every day.

D-Day minus 57, 11 Nov 2015: More kit arrives in the post

Although Norwegian is a hard language to understand, it is more than compensated for by the friendliness of the people and their very stable systems for how their transport system works.

Hilary spoke to the incredibly helpful “Erling” at Mandal Tourist Information Office. He explained the bus booking system at Oslo, and also how the new bus time table from 5 January (although not out yet), would probably be the same as the year before. We can now plan with confidence how to get to the “start line“!

Hilary also did some research into some isolated farms, where the family name of the occupants is the same as the name of the village location. It shows they have lived there for generations!!! Hopefully, we can find sanctuary in some of these isolated locations and learn about the history of the settlements, as we ski North.

Yet more odds and sods of essential kit have arrived in the post… Batteries for Garmin GPS, stove repair kits, foot medical tape and iPhone waterproof bags (5 in total) that came from China (post free) for only £1.38!!!!

It's like Christmas every day.

It’s like Christmas every day.