Planning out the route.

D-Day minus 58, Nov 10: Sorting Maps

Why do expeditions take so much planning!!


I cannot believe that even though I’ve done over 60 cold weather expeditions, that I am still pouring over lists of ” things to do”.


Hilary and I have made the decision to do something every- day to avoid the last minute panic in the few days before we leave. That being said it still seems to take over 2 hours per day.!!!

Today was:

  • Mark the route up on Viewranger
  • Order Food
  • Thank our sponsors
  • Order equipment
  • Research Taxi and Bus routes to get to our starting point


And of course we have to get the bodies in shape , despite all the age related aches. Hilary was mega yesterday by doing her second consecutive walk with 20kilo in an absolute gale… Commitment!!

The decision has been made not to get too skinny with over- training as we will loose plenty of weight over the 4 months. So, the plan is daily stretch and strength exercises with lots of long (7 hour) walks in the Lake District with a reasonable weight rucksack. We will also do Nordic Tracker training.

Planning out the route.

Planning out the route.