D-Day minus 7, 29 December: Last few days

The days for preparation are running out!

We have a wedding, New Years Eve party and a birthdayto celebrate before we leave, plus visiting family.
We did the final lay out of our kit today, before the final weigh in and sledge packing.
Hilary and I did a couple of hours with full rucksacks and ski boots on road, just to get used to the weight on an unforgiving surface.
Got a bit of a shock when we noticed that the official statistics keeper of Norge På Lang had tracked us down and put us on his list. We were trying to keep it “under the radar”. Now We will have to watch these Norwegians!
We also notice a couple of young pups are setting off on Jan 1st. They look young and fit. That’s a 5 day start on us so I doubt we will see them. One has a dog to help pull his sledge!