D-Day minus 8, 28 December: Mince Pie Diet

Christmas is nearly over and we have thoroughly enjoyed it!

Clearly the next 4 months will mean we have very little food options and we will largely be yo-yoing between feast and famine, eating where we can. On that basis we have not hung back on Christmas excesses!

The general rule for long polar expeditions is that you should have some extra pounds on before you start the trip. Thanks to the mince pie diet Conrad has all his ‘winter plumage’ on and Hilary is ‘well upholstered’.

On that basis I think we are prepared.

That being said, the last 4 days have seen little physical activity, so tomorrow will see us take some exercise.

This morning we had a weigh in , recorded our BMI and took photos of our shape. Hopefully things will look different in 4 months time!