Day 1, 6 January 2016

We’ve started walking!

After an early morning taxi drive to the very Southern tip of Norway ( Lindesnes lighthouse), we have finally started walking North!

It’s a great feeling to be finally underway after months of planning. It was -4c at the lighthouse with some light snow falling.

We took our time taking photos and we were the only people there, apart from the lady who ran the tourist shop who arrived to do the year end stock take. She asked if we would sign the visitors book.

It took an hour to fix our wheels to the sledges, then in our high visibility jackets we started walking along the coastal road.

It was always the plan to have a steady start to the trip to avoid over-straining the body in the early days, given that we are no longer teenagers!

We covered 13 km in a surprising 2 hour 40 minutes to our first scheduled stop. Tomorrow is longer at 28 km, so we are well rested for a decent start at 0900.

I suspect we are going to have tough times ahead as the blog of the young Norwegian who set off 6 days early, says he only travelled 6km yesterday. Given his incredible start we suspect he has run into deep soft snow which is always a nightmare with a sled.

Today was a great day.