Day 12, 17 January 2016

Longest day and coldest day!

We set off at 0700 in the dark at -20C, which doesn’t half wake you up! The plan was to try a fairly longish day and at 1700 (again in the dark) complete upwardsof 45 km.
It was a bit undulating today with numerous hills and the typical “sting in the tail” with the last 1 1/2 km up hill (weirdly predictive text just came up with “hell” instead of “hill”, how appropriate!).
Although cold all day, it was absolutely stunning as the Setesdal valley got narrower and more rugged and there were numerous frozen rapids and falls. We met a wonderful family just enjoying the snow and their mountain hytte (cabin).
The only downside of such cold weather is that when you stop for something to eat (we stopped twice at 3 and 6 hour point), all the blood goes to your stomach to digest the food and the next 15 minutes are intensely cold for your fingers (Conrad wrapped his neck-overs around his gloves and put them inside his mitts to combat the cold after the breaks).
It was good to push the body a bit today as we have to try and get the old bodies acclimatised for what’s to come.
At the end of the day we are both ravenous and a bit foot sore. We have been told it is -30C where we are going tomorrow… Something to look forward to!