Day 14, 19 January 2016

Admin and rest day and checking ice reports

Today in the ski resort of Hovden, we packed up our wheels to be posted to Scott; and hopefully we will not use them again.
We left the wheels with Erik (who looks like a Viking) and has worked in the village since 1980. We worked out that we once finished a ski touring trip here in 1989.
Conrad’s big toenails had made a hole in his socks so we bought some new ones at the Hovden sports shop (together with some other bits and pieces) that was bizarrely run by a Brit from Sunderland! We chatted for an hour about army days etc. He was really helpful.
We tried to get more details about ice conditions, and on balance people thought it should be ok, but nobody has tested our route yet.
The afternoon was spent marking GPS locations on the map and determining where the start point of the route is out of the village. This rest day has been valuable.