23 Jan_2

Day 18, 22 Jan 2016

End of stage 2 of our journey

We had a rest day at Haukleiseter, primarily to recharge our batteries for the crossing of the remote Hardangervidda plateau. Hopefully, tomorrow; weather permitting.
The crossing will take 5-6 days but the weather forecast is not brilliant so we will probably take nearer 10 days, or more as we maybe forced to sit out bad weather.
As we have little or no access to wifi, there will be a lull in blogs until we reach Finse, our next staging post.
Conrad spent 3 hours plotting the route and adding waypoints to the GPS for the next 4 days. In addition we have recharged phones and washed all our clothes. As well as buying a new Nalgene bottle as Conrad’s was leaking with a defective lid.
There are a group of about 20 kite skiers from Stavanger up for the weekend, but the wind has not been so cooperative for them. However, one very accomplished kiter was out at 8pm last night whizzing back and forth across the lake in the dark, aided only by a head torch.