Day 2, 7 January 2016

Heading North

Today was a great day.
We had a good day today. We managed 28 km in 6 hours. Our good progress was as a result of having wheels on our sleds, which effectively made them frictionless. We had a couple of teething problems where we both managed to lose a wheel!
This was probably our fault in not fully tightening the wheel clamp. Also we could have been more careful in avoiding any sideways motion that uncoupled the wheel. A big thanks to Roger Daynes at Snowsled for a great design.
The first 15km was a bit unnerving with scores of blind hairpin corners. Hilary went in front wearing reflective bands on her ski poles, which she waved around the blind corner to alert cars.
The second section north of Vingeland was really pleasant following the river in a very rural setting of hamlets, with traditional wooden houses.
It snowed all day and was about -6c, which added to the beauty.
We managed to stay in a tiny single room cabin (owned by a potato farmer) who also kept dairy cows and hens.
The Alfa boots have so far proved fantastic with neither of us having any hint of blisters.