27 Jan_2

Day 22, 27 Jan 2016

New GPS arrives

Bit of a frustrating day in that the weather outside the window doesn’t 100% match the forecast, and as visibility comes and goes, we keep saying to ourselves “could we have gone today”?
All the above being said we drew some comfort from the gentleman who arrived and said “you’re not going into the mountains I hope, because the storm that hit America is coming soon”.
On balance we know we are right to wait, however frustrating it is.
The replacement GPS arrived and Conrad spent a couple of hours configuring it and setting it up to how we wish to use it. Rather than type in the 60 plus waypoints for the next 5 days he was rather pleased that he managed to “wirelessly ” transfer them to the new GPS without any help from a young IT specialist. As he said “some good always comes out of a bad situation, as he felt he had extended his IT skills.”
Re the weather, there are 2 forecasts in Norway, YR. no and Storm .no, which offer slightly different forecasts.
The factors we have to consider are snowfall, wind strength, temperature and perhaps of major importance,http://www.weatherised.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/27-Jan.jpg visibility. We are trying to look at it scientifically,because obviously we won’t get perfect conditions.