28 Jan 2_2

Day 24, 29 Jan 2016

Storm and GPS problems

Woke to storm that blew sleet and rain all day.

Decided to load ALL waypoints into new GPS. The screen kept ‘freezing’! AAGGGH!

Convinced it was to do with wirelessly putting in GPS points I put them in manually… No joy! Still freezing screen.

Phoned GPS helpline.. Told to do master reset…did so, and reinstalled data for third time… No joy!

After 6 hours I rang the North East Company www.gpstraining.co.uk. Spoke to Andy who was a star! He said it was a software problem … he talked me through the software update, as Norwegian translated what was on the computer.

Job sorted…well done the North East!

Seriously, if you want to buy a GPS and want training, these guys are mega helpful and got me out of a real jam today.

At least we made the right decision about waiting for weather to pass – it’s savage!