Day 26, 31 Jan 2016

Dragged sleds up hill

In a determined fashion to try and take some exercise,and check conditions, we woke early, had breakfast at 0730 and set off at 0815.

The winds were 17m/s – we started plodding up the steep hill, alternating between very deep, soft snow and an icy crust of 5mm.

It was hard work, but we got to the top and visibility was minimal. We decided to leave the sleds at the top of the hill and tied them to a rock that appeared to be wind-blown. Visibility declined.

We put on goggles and strapped skis to the sides of the rucksack. We couldn’t see the slope, so “felt” our way down.

31 Jan_2

Doubly frustrating, the sun momentarily came out and we could see everything.

As you will see from the photo, everything is plastered with snow, unbelievable… We are having to shovel snow off the roof.

Tomorrow is due to get worse – with MUCH more snow! Hey Ho. We’re helping staff dig out the cabin.