1 Feb_2

Day 27, 1 Feb 2016

The Norwegian attempt!

Two very experienced Norwegians arrived last night, who professionally run outdoor trips as part of an education programme.They spend over 100 nights a year in tents.

They had big sleds, two dogs and tents, and also planned to go to Finse (like us).

The day dawned with much better weather than forecast and, after an early breakfast, they set off up the hill.

We felt a bit ‘wimp-ish’, but decided to stick to our plan and wait until the ‘weather’ passed (however long that takes!)

We watched as they BOTH had to pull their very heavy sleds up the hill, one at a time. It took over 3 hours to cover the 1km distance.

They have just arrived back, and have tied their sleds to the same rock that we did at the top of the hill! Tricky landscape in Norway in early winter!