Day 3, 8 January 2016

Rural valley by salmon river

A late start from our cosy cabin where Hans Christian explained the working of his small farm. Today was always going to be a shorter day after stretching out yesterday.
We travelled up a beautiful valley that became wider. The river had numerous rapids with small huts next to large pools at the base of mini waterfalls. These were obviously fishing huts for salmon.
The area definitely had a more rural feel as we head away from civilisation towards the mountains. Despite the fact that we were pulling our sleds up a road it didn’t feel like a road as it was mostly snow covered. We passed 3 tiny hamlets where the rustic houses were very close to either side of the road; a throwback to when it was probably only horse and carts that plied the route.
By mid-afternoon the skies cleared and it became colder.
Stopped at Konsmo, which surprisingly had a large shop where we grabbed some lunch and a coffee.
Tomorrow we plan to travel 28 km