4 Feb_2

Day 30, 4 Feb 2016

Great skiing day. What a change from past days!

Woke to a clear but windy day and set off on twilight at 0740.
The navigation just worked a treat, because of the good visibility.
We even enjoyed 2 downhill runs of 1.5km with just enough soft snow to keep our speed under control. All around we are surrounded by beautiful snow capped mountains. And we are the only ones here; a great privilege.
As ever there was a sting in the tail for the last 2.5 km with a very strong, cold wind in our face and undulating terrain with soft snow. In the diminishing visibility we discovered the cabin 600 metres away in an incredibly windy location.
The self service annexe, had the door half open and the foyer and cellar stairs were covered in snow. 30 minutes of digging to clear them.
Fortunately the cabin is quite small, so should heat up quickly, though it is months since its been used, so very cold.
A wonderful satisfied feeling once the body becomes warm again. Especially with a hot drink and food inside. We really felt we achieve something today.
Managed a respectful 3km per hour, which given the terrain is very satisfactory.