5 Feb_2

Day 31, 5 Feb 2016

A Tricky Navigation Day

Clouds gathered overnight and we woke to an overcast day with light snow.
We made the decision to appraise the weather every half hour to decide if it was getting worse. After 1 1/2 hours it had got much worse. But we decidedly pushed on!
Had a couple of flattish sections where we pushed hard, then a horrible soft snow filled gulley, which was a bit of a fight.
Snow and wind increased and visibility decreased.
We came to the section that on the map looked tricky and confusing (the winter route was meant to go that way). Whilst marking up the map (pre the expedition) Conrad didn’t like it… When he arrived there he liked it less! By good fortune we stumbled upon the only section in 400 metres that was not corniced, followed by a complex and convoluted route down to a lake. We were both relieved to be through that section.
Again the day didn’t let up as wind increased more. Hilary pushed really hard and out of the mist the hut was seen.
We cannot believe we have covered 24 km to Sandaug. We have done 3/5 of the notorious Hardangervidda in 3 days.
Very satisfied.