6 Feb_2

Day 32, 6 Feb 2016

Made Wrong Decision

Woke to strong Southerly wind with heavy wet snow. Using the outdoor facilities, the wet snow that was falling and on the ground managed to stick to us!
Given that the next stage is 30 km we DECIDED NOT TO TRAVEL because the thought of being soaking wet. Which in a small tent was not a good plan after a 10 hour day. However, we got it wrong. The wind stopped and the sun came out at 10:30! Mega frustrating, and for us it was too late to start a long day.
The weather forecast had not predicted that. That’s mountain weather for you.
Conrad spent time planning the next stage Finse to Tyinkysett.
On a positive note the bodies have had a bit of a pounding on the last 3 days, so it will give extra time to recover.
Actually, we even enjoyed reading the old books and magazines in the cabin!
With all the energetic using of ski poles Hilary is developing a neck like a rugby player!