7 Feb_2

Day 33, 7 Feb 2016

The wind increased

During the night we heard a “banging noise”, of the wind rattling the cabin.
Going to the loo outside, we saw the wind had blown snow under the closed cabin door. Opening the cabin door was just a maelstrom!
Conrad went to the loo hut 30 metres away, and came back covered in snow, that was quite wet.
There is always a vortex effect around a cabin with wind swirling around, so as not to be put off by that, we made the decision to leave and set off, hoping it would be better away from the hut.
After 20 minutes we realised it was hopeless… We couldn’t see a thing and were being strongly buffeted, especially by the gusts.
We took some photos and video, then retreated back to the hut, were Conrad chopped kindling and Hilary generally made the hut more homely. Rather than be despondent about the poor weather we tried to be positive. Read novels, sketched (very amateurish) and last night Conrad took some atmospheric shots from outside the hut of candles in the window.
Ok, we are not travelling as fast as we want, but our time will come. In the meantime we intend to enjoy each day as it comes.
You cannot fight nature, or you will lose.