8 Feb_2

Day 34, 8 Feb 2016

Total white-out. Best day yet!

Surprisingly, 3 people turned up yesterday. A guide and 2 clients( who were rather tired).
Woke to ANOTHER white out with strong winds. But we decided to just go regardless. It was challenging and exhilarating at the same time.
The strong wind was directly behind us and pushed us along at 4kmph. Hilary was in-front and Conrad gave left and right directions from his GPS. We could see NOTHING!
Fortunately for the first 20 km the terrain was so benign that it didn’t matter skiing blind!
The weather gods we’re in our favour and as we approached the tricky final 10km. Amazingly, the skies cleared.
For the first time we saw the mighty Hardangervidda in all its splendour. One of the wildest landscapes in Europe, and we have nearly crossed it.
The last 10 km was technical, but we arrived at the next cabin at 1600. Quickly melted snow and made a fire and we felt fantastic!