9 Feb_2

Day 35, Feb 9 2016

A long hard day… But the end of stage 3

Surprisingly today was much harder than we thought it would be because the snow was deep and soft, with very little glide on skis.
It was also warming, so we got quite sweaty.
The weather was variable and at one stage the visibility declined as we went through a tricky section. It’s a very peculiar feeling when your skis drop down just 2′ in zero visibility and you feel as if you are dropping a huge distance.
The “cavalry” arrived in the form of skidoos who were measuring snow depth. We followed there tracks to Finse. The only downside was that the snow turned “sticky” which made it hard work. We reached Finse, just as the train pulled in. It was a huge shock to see Vincent, Luc and Bronwyn get off train.
They had stopped before the last cabin and made way down to station.
We had a lovely meal with them and Luc gave me a great article about Sir Wally Herbert’s expedition in Antarctica.