10 Feb_2

Day 36, Feb 10 2016

Planning for the next big section. Good weather ahead

Washed our clothes and went through our route planning for next 6 days at Finse.
The weather was glorious. Total sun and no wind.
In theory it is set fair for many days, so that should greatly help us.
What a coincidence that 3 of the sleds that Conrad used with Walking With The Wounded were at Finse, being used on one of Borge Ouslands expeditions. It was quite poignant to see the names of the wounded soldiers written on the sleds. It brought back great memories of reaching the South Pole 2 years ago with these amazing people.
The highlight of today was having breakfast with Leo Houlding, one of Britains greatest climbers. It is a total testament to him that he is SO modest and GENUINELY interested in other people. He asks questions and is really interested in the answers. He’s trying to improve his kiting skills. It was a real privilege to meet such a nice guy… Obviously he’s Northern!
Let’s hope for some great future days.