19 Feb_2

Day 45, Feb 19 2016

Change of scenery

As we pass from one mountain region to another we are in a transition zone, where the scenery is totally different from the exposed mountains we have seen so far.
All day we travelled in a valley surrounded by pine trees. We saw scores of moose tracks (that we ate last night) and also LOTS of red squirrel tracks (including 2 squirrels that ran across the road).
Navigation, although not difficult was like a game of chess. Trying to plan the next move taking account of terrain, snow depth, snow speed etc etc.
In the end we started the day by skiing across 2 lakes, then 3 km along a road and also 15 km along a prepared track in the woods across a really scenic wooden bridge. The final part of the day we skied by the road side, but took the skies off for the last 2 km because there was grit on the road.
In a moment of total luxury we stopped for hot chocolate at a roadside lodge, who technically were not open.
Again, luck was on our side when Nina of Ransverk Camping let us have a small cabin and especially cooked us dinner and breakfast. She also showed us the best route for tomorrow’s 37 km.
A lovely relaxed day with a change in scenery. It didn’t seem like 29 km.