Day 5, 10 January 2016

A snowy walk through the trees

More snow fell last night which made a wonderful winter scene.
A great walk up a connifer lined valley with constant snow falling and very little traffic, apart from the snow plough that passed us 5 times!
After one break for 20 minutes in a bus shelter by the side of the road, we arrived at the cafe. Set in the tiny but beautiful hamlet of Kyrkebygda. Today was a shortish day of only 18 km, which is proving a good formula for easing us into what will be harder days ahead.
The local “dagens” dish of the day (pork or meat balls) was too tempting to turn down!
The cafe owner had a cabin she was prepared to rent us for the night.We have been incredibly lucky on this road section in finding accommodation; in an area that theoretically doesn’t have any in winter. We have both been really surprised by how beautiful this area has been. When planning the original route the thought of six days along a road did not appeal.
The sled was harder to pull today in the deeper rutted snow. The time will be right to discard the wheels when we reach the end of the road tomorrow .