24 Feb

Day 50, 24 Feb 2016

Forest tracks and road builders!

Today was a glorious day on forest tracks. We knitted together a route that avoided any roads and was scenic. The lady at Grimsbu Motel confirmed it was a good choice.
It is a real privilege to pass through rural Norway seeing all their farms and rustic log built cabins. We were so lucky that the track was clear of too much snow, and it was good news that forestry is such a major industry in Norway, because vehicles are making tracks as they go into the forests for logging etc.
Then disaster stuck…. 2 enormous tipper wagons came towards us that we thought was unusual on such a small forestry road. One kilometre down the track we saw what they were doing…. Tipping new gravel on top of the snow!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!… Road building in the middle of nowhere. We had no alternative but to take skis off and drag the sleds through the sharp gravel hoping we were not doing too much damage.
Fortunately it only lasted 500 metres, but there was a residue of gravel for 2 km.
One marginally disconcerting event was when we asked if the road continued with not too much snow from a passing 4×4 vehicle. I passed comment on the rifle that he had on the passenger seat, and asked if it was for deer. He pointed his finger at me and said “bang”. Fortunately he was smiling … I think!
We eventually arrived at the ski resort of Savalan which is owned by twin brothers; one of which (Per Morten) advised on the best route for tomorrow. We were going for a shorter route but he advised it was tricky terrain with much snow in trees with steep descents.
So it looks like we have 36 km to do tomorrow!