Day 51, 25 Feb 2016

Amazing skiing day with sting in tail

The route advice was good and we started on a super fast cross country training track that morphed into a wonderful forest trail , equally enjoyable.
After 16 km we came to what we had been dreading; the main road for 3km.

The road...

The road…

Fortunately, there was a very thin patch of snow on the kerb, but the road had 3 blind hairpins and it was very disconcerting with the juggernauts whizzing by. We were delighted to get off the road.

Amazing skiing day with sting in tail – Part 2 from Norway End to End on Vimeo.

We then entered more forest tracks as it started to snow very heavily. The new snow did not work with the ski wax and we soon had great balls of snow under our skis, so we had to scrape off the wax.
This was a great improvement and we were soon whizzing along the track that had been snow ploughed. Then disaster struck… The snow plough clearing stopped!
We had to break trail in snow above our knees. Exhausting beyond belief; we were moving like snails. Without doubt it was the most physically demanding part of the trip so far and went on for 5 km until we found tracks again.
We arrived at our farmhouse bed and breakfast at 1730 after 9 1/2 hours and 36 km… Tired!!!