27 Feb_2

Day 53, 27 Feb 2016

Snowsled sledges and Alfa boots

Last night in the community owned flat in Dalsbygda was brilliant and we got a 0700 start and whizzed down the snow covered road, only to meet the snow plough having an early start. We told him to have his coffee break and not “do” the other side of the road for at least 45 minutes, to allow us to get onto a minor track… He understood , and we didn’t see him.
I must give enormous praise to Snowsled sledges… They have been amazing, and given that we have totally abused them on rocks, gravel and road side grit I am amazed how they have stood up to such a battering.
The same has to be said for Alfa boots. Not one blister for Hilary or I in nearly 1000km! That must be the first time ever for us with ski boots. Well done Alfa.
Mega fast day today and we did 23 km in 4 hours to arrive in the characterful town of Roros (cross between Keswick and Stratford upon Avon).
Our first port of call was “Sport1” to fit a new ski pole tip (it was with some satisfaction that I noticed that he struggled to remove my improvised ski tip!). We also got the sports shop to do a smoothing and re-waxing of our ski bases that have had an absolute hammering.
We both notice that we are becoming quite strong in the leg department. We are desperately trying to eat as much as we can, but are both quite skinny.
We have to ensure the right balance between body recovery time, eating and pushing on , as we still have a huge distance to travel.