28 Feb

Day 54, 28 Feb 2016

Kalsa Gardbakeri, how lucky are we!

From Roros to our next re-supply point was 66km and we wanted to break the journey, so we phoned Tova at the bakery and she said we could stay to help us out. What an amazing place called Brynhhildsvollen after Brynhilder who fled from the Swedish war with her 3 sons in the early 1500’s. The actual farm, Kalsa has been in the same family since 1720 and we stayed in the summer house where all the baking is done in the stone flagged (stones over 6′) kitchen.
We slept in the living room with all the original hand painted furniture from the farm including dressers, corner cabinets, family photos (Hans Morten, paid for the road to be installed in the 1800’s), and of course the enormous Jotul wood burning stove.
Tova, started the bakery in 2008 using the two family recipes of “Inger Lemse” and “Pjalt”, which we were allowed to enjoy. We are delighted to say the bakery is becoming a huge success, supplying local cafes as well as private individuals who drop in to buy the produce. Milk from their own cows is used in the production and they have also commissioned pottery based on original designs from the farm dating back to 1834.
A by-product of the baking is the fact that Tova has enormously strong arms that greatly assists her in being a competitive skier! She has even competed in the legendary Birrkibiner cross- country ski race.
How privileged were we that she saw us as kindred spirits and opened her house and hospitality to us, to help us on our way?
Hers is a model example of how to revive rural industry in a positive and successful way. The farm is also the ideal location for her sons to practice the biathlon.
After 3 quite strenuous days we skied “within ourselves” today at a leisurely pace on the small road alongside the Aursunden lake. We were blessed with fantastic glide on our newly serviced skis and managed the 33km in 7 1/2 hours. We passed the hydro plant at the end of the lake where all the industrial buildings were constructed in the traditional style and looked like old farmhouses.