Day 6, 11 January 2016

End of the road section

After six days we have completed stage 1 of travelling on the roads towards the mountains.
Today was beautiful as we travelled 22kms up a completely desolate road (we only saw 8 cars). There was no wind or snow, so it was a very pleasant stroll along a snow clad wide valley.
Tomorrow is a different story, with over a foot of very soft snow and the lakes not being frozen. The young Norwegian who set off on 1 January had problems with open rivers/ waters so had to turn back.
Our plan is to discard the wheels and any surplus kit and give the next section a try; as the weather is due to be OK for the next few days. We will go around the lakes until we feel they are safe.
It’s daunting to realise we have completed less than 5 % of the trip… But we are enjoying it which is the main goal!