Day 60

Day 60(1), 9 March 2016

Kind weather gods!

We set off in perfect weather, with no wind and total sun. This was Ian’s first day and he performed admirably,as he has gone through a steep learning curve today.
Ian learnt about waxing, gliding, poling etc etc.
We saw reindeer and various birds.
Arriving at the cabin, we found a group of Germans from the Alpine Club and a Swiss guy. Tomorrow will be harder!
Now for the unofficial version. It was a beautiful day; couldn’t have asked for a better start. I did learn a lot of stuff. Putting it into practice was a different matter, but I didn’t fall over😀 Was a bit tired at the end and feet a tad sore, but I’m told I’ll learn to live with that. Today’s quiz question – how many Germans did my snoring wake up?