Day 63

Day 63, 12 March 2016

No room at the inn

Very civilised breakfast and another cracking day weather wise – what a sunrise. We were staying in a luxurious hut at the top of a mountain so it was all downhill from here – piece of cake for Mr D, not so for me though. I could blame the iced up wind blown snow, or the treacherous slope, truth is I couldn’t control two skis and Sammy. We could walk faster, so for a couple of km we did.
We were told that we’d have no trouble finding accommodation in our next stop, Storlein; didn’t work out like that. After a tramping up and down “main” street and surrounding hills a couple of times (did my extra kms get counted?) we were taken in by a kindly lady called Tina at a Fjellgard a few km out of town. Thought we were going to sleep in the railway station waiting room for a while. But we’ve landed on our feet. Nice tea, very nice people, they sell IPA and they had Swedish Eurovision on the telly. What more can a man ask?
30km day tomorrow to a very remote rescue hut. A real test of C’s navigation and my stamina 😉 So best be off for an early night.
But before I go I’ve been waiting for a suitable moment to tell you about my ailments. First there’s my man flu, just compounds the hot and sweaty problem. Then there’s the shoulders – this rucksack should be in the sled, except it’s already no fun pulling a heavy Sammy up steep bits. And last, and certainly not least, it’s the feet, both of them. But my upper lip is fine, couldn’t be stiffer and I’m not complaining. Believe that?