14 Jan_2

Day 9, 14 Jan 2016

Setesdal culture

Today is a rest day today prior to a predicted 135km over the next 4 days.
Managed to get our clothes washed this morning and resting bones after 2 long days on the trails.
We have looked at a mini culture display today that shows local wildlife in the form of elk, ptarmigan and capercaillie (crossbill yesterday). We really hope we see an elk over the next 4 days, which is a real possibility as we will be still travelling at dusk. There are also resident beaver.
On display was a 20 ton boulder with 30 different types of mineral, which is a main feature of the valley. Local costumes and historical household artefacts topped off the display. By far the most interesting part for us were the 5 sets of old ski with the incredibly simple binding system.
Part of this trip was always about learning about the local culture and history, so we feel we have been richly rewarded today!
We have organised a tiny little cabin for tomorrow night which will be very welcome after 38km pulling our sleds.