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D-Day minus 54, 14 Nov 2015: Windy, windy

Hilary and I grabbed a couple of hours training in the English Lake District by going up 2 hills before it got dark. (more…)

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D-Day minus 55, 13 Nov 2015: Portable Power


Trying out different makes of Power Banks to see which is the most efficient for its weight before we buy.

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D-Day minus 56, 12 Nov 2015: Training with old friends in the rain

Legs very tired from 4 days of continuous hill walking with heavy pack. (more…)

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It's like Christmas every day.

D-Day minus 57, 11 Nov 2015: More kit arrives in the post

Although Norwegian is a hard language to understand, it is more than compensated for by the friendliness of the people and their very stable systems for how their transport system works.

Hilary spoke to the incredibly helpful “Erling” at Mandal Tourist Information Office. He explained the bus booking system at Oslo, and also how the new bus time table from 5 January (although not out yet), would probably be the same as the year before. We can now plan with confidence how to get to the “start line“!


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Planning out the route.

D-Day minus 58, Nov 10: Sorting Maps

Why do expeditions take so much planning!!


I cannot believe that even though I’ve done over 60 cold weather expeditions, that I am still pouring over lists of ” things to do”.


Hilary and I have made the decision to do something every- day to avoid the last minute panic in the few days before we leave. That being said it still seems to take over 2 hours per day.!!!

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